#9 | Nancy Diniz | Driving biology through design


“Designers are very good at thinking out of the box, looking at the bigger picture and communicating ideas and possibilities. (…) But at the same time they need science to make this dreams possible.”

Nancy on the impact and value of design.

This episode I talk Nancy Diniz, an architect and teacher from Portugal who is heading and developing the world first “Bio Design” Programme which explores the intersection of design and biology at Central Saint Martins in London. In addition, we talk about the opportunity of that intersection and how design and science can drive change and move the worlds towards more sustainable solutions, buildings, products, services, businesses and more. In the programme designer from all backgrounds work closely with biology and find new paths.

Nancy experienced working in design education and research in the USA and China and has a well understanding of the relationship between science and design, and how both can enlarging their impact by working together. Nancy’s insights are an eye-opener about how designers can take a stronger part in driving sustainability and fields that a new, untapped, unexplored but have tremendous opportunity and impact.

If you want to learn more about her and the programme: https://www.arts.ac.uk/colleges/central-saint-martins/people/nancy-diniz