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#7 | Antonio Starnino | Driving intentionality and meanings of design

This episode I talk with Antonio Starnino about different views of “what is design”. Antonio draws his insights from a reflective and thoughtful article we was writing on Medium about 3 schools of design. We discuss the tension that is visible these days in the design community. The meaning of what design is range from traditional views where design is about the craft, to newer streams where design is seen as a cultural-mediator and driver for change to design as an inclusive tool for innovation that everyone can learn.

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#6 | Kathryn Richards | Driving innovation in different countries and cultures

The newest guest at Designdrives is Kathryn Richards, Design Director at Fjord in South Africa. Kathryn had the chance to drive Service Design and Design Strategy in an impressive amount of countries - she designed in London, Munich, Paris, Istanbul and across South Africa. This rich experience as a design leader is the base of our conversation: we learn what it means to design in different environments, solve local design problems and face new challenges like building up Designit London or transitioning to new roles of leading design teams.

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#5 | Ross Mitchell | Driving UX Research & Strategy from Ford to AT&T

In this episode we talk about Design Strategy and UX Research. Ross Mitchell is an experienced design leader that gained experience from the automotive field at Ford to the entertainment industry at AT&T as a director of UX Research and Strategy. Gaining experience in both in-house teams and design consultancies: Before his corporate experiences, he was also working at design agencies like RKS Design and served as an Adjunct Professor at CCS. Nowadays he is building WHOA as a Co-founder and Managing Director of the agency which bridges the sectors of research, strategy, innovation and design.

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