#7 | Antonio Starnino | Driving intentionality and meanings of design


“Design’s ultimate impact is to help move us towards a much more positive and much more beneficial futures for everyone.”

Antonio on the impact and value of design.

This episode I talk with Antonio Starnino about different views of “what is design”. Antonio draws his insights from a reflective and thoughtful article we was writing on Medium about 3 schools of design. We discuss the tension that is visible these days in the design community. The meaning of what design is range from traditional views where design is about the craft, to newer streams where design is seen as a cultural-mediator and driver for change to design as an inclusive tool for innovation that everyone can learn.

Furthermore we tap into the difference between the Italian and Canadian design scene and where he things heading in terms of the evolution of design and specifically service design. In addition we talk about the impact design can have on society and how is driving change.

Antonio is a Service Designer at Partner at Studio Wé in Canada, Visiting Lecturer at UAL and Masters Candidate, Human Systems Intervention.