#2 | Siri Johansson | Driving new paths between Interface and Industrial Design


“The impact we as designers can have is to relentlessly be the voice of the customer and make other disciplines think in the same way. Design thinking is less of a process than it is a mindset.”

Siri on the importance of design and designers when working in interdisciplinary product teams.

In this episode, we talk to Siri Johansson, who is currently designing at Spotify in Stockholm. Siri is a Swedish Interaction Designer who prior worked in various positions at IDEO London (and other locations) and studied MFA Interaction Design at the renowned Umea Institute of Design in the very north of Sweden. Before deciding to go into IxD she was already working as a full-time Industrial Designer in Sweden which led us to the topic of the intersection of Interaction and Industrial Design. We talk about how both fields can learn from each other, her learnings in the transition and how being interdisciplinary and open can be highly beneficial as a designer to drive things forward. In addition, we also touch on the difference between consultancy/agency and in-house when talking about her role at Spotify and the how design is positioned there.