What, how and why design drives things forward.


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In this podcast we explore the impact and value of design. What, how and why design drives things forward.

The podcast about the value of a design-driven process for product-development, innovation, sustainable business growth and institutional change for the better.

Design drives business-transformation, industry-disruption and humanizes technology by empathy, vision, putting people first and connecting the dots. What else is design contributing to the world? How to apply design this way? And where did design drive something forward in the past? Designdrives is a podcast that aims to reveal the stories of designers that used their craft, perspective and methodologies to move the world forward.

Ultimately we want to learn something new about design by every episode that makes you a better designer - and if not a designer at least someone who understands more about design. A open design discourse inspired by forward-thinkers like John Maeda, Hartmut Esslinger, Roger Martin, David Kelley and many others.

This podcast features both experienced design minds but also young design talents as they share their perspective, advice and expertise on what design drives forward based on their experiences and stories.

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Source: https://designintech.report and others.

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Sebastian Gier

Sebastian is a designer from Germany who is working on future mobility experiences at BMW Group. He has been fortunate enough to work with various international brands and companies on projects like Bosch, Rolls-Royce, Siemens, MINI, John Deere, Cathey Pacific, Newell and Midea in the context of startups, consultancies and in-house design studios - gaining work experiences in Europe, Asia, and USA. His work has been published on publishers like Verge, Inc., Mashable or Designboom and he has been recognized by international design institutions like the Core77, Red Dot, IXDA, Dezeen or IDA on personal design projects. Sebastian frequently speaks at conferences and universities about design, innovation and product development - most recently in China, Portugal, USA, Netherlands and Turkey. He holds a Master in Advanced Product Design from the Swedish Umea Institute of Design as well as a Bachelor in Industrial Design of the Folkwang University.


Here is an interview about the mission behind Designdrives.org and the general concept.



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